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Business Overview

Cyber Control is a technology engineering service firm providing real-time customer focused Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support via a 21st Century "Virtual" Technical Support Service Bureau methodology to augment the Customer Care capabilities of Business-to-Business, Business-to-Government, and Business-to-Consumer operations on a cost effective basis. Through the use of talented individuals that inherently know and appreciate the end user’s position with the technology they themselves use, we provide customer satisfaction levels above traditional call centers, and build end-user confidence in our Service Bureau Support.

Multiple operation nodes for voice and data services, nationally diverse employee locations and Internet based connectivity allow us to offer services with robustness, disaster recovery and dependability beyond the capacity of traditional brick and mortar centers.





Latest News

WorldGPS January 2012
Pilot project with tracking company whose technology is based on GPS/GPRS/SMS
IPphones March 2012 
Started technical support campaign for Netsapiens based VoIP customer
Tec de Monterrey Tecnology Park October 2012
Tec de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte Technology Park site fully operational
Cyber Control Contact Center
Cyber Control can also offer complete Contact Center solutions.